Katharine offers hourly, daily and monthly training to individuals and companies around the world. 

As a 20-year concierge industry veteran, Katharine has this amazing ability that inspires you and your staff to embrace a positive path and live your best life at work and at home. She coaches concierge & front line staff all over the world on how to go above and beyond and bring their “A” game to work. Katharine’s warm, friendly and approachable style inspires people to be their very best!
  • One of the world’s leading concierge trainers, Katharine Giovanni is considered by many to be one of the original founders of the independent concierge industry.  She is the most sought out concierge consultant and trainer in the world.
  • Training concierge and front desk staff since 1998
  • Chairman of the board and Founder of two concierge associations from 2000-2014
  • Three-time award-winning author and inspirational blogger

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