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ICLMNet is one of the world’s most popular professional concierge directories on the internet. It was developed to help people easily find Concierge and Lifestyle managers to assist them with their business and life. Hiring a concierge is a great way to squeeze a few more hours out of your busy 24 hour day!  It also helps ICLMNet members network with each other! 

The group was originally formed in 2000 by Katharine C. Giovanni and supports concierge and lifestyle managers from around the world. In 2014, Ron Giovanni came on board and together they successfully transitioned the group into what it is today... ICLMNet.

Please use ICLMNet as you would any directory to locate professionals in your community. We strongly urge you to do your due diligence and investigate their background thoroughly, ask questions, and call their references. All our members agree to both our code of ethics and standards of excellence.

ICLMNet is all about relationships that will make your business and life a success!

Katharine C. Giovanni

Founder and Chief Happiness Officer

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Katharine Giovanni, a 20-year concierge industry veteran, has this amazing ability that inspires you and your staff to embrace a positive path and live your best life at work and at home.  She coaches concierge & front desk staff all over the world on how to go above and beyond and bring their “A” game to work. 

  • One of the world’s leading concierge trainers, Katharine is considered by many to be one of the original founders of the independent concierge industry. She is the most sought out concierge consultant and trainer in the world.
  • Training concierge and front line staff since 1998
  • Chairman of the board and Founder of two concierge associations from 2000-2014
  • Three-time award-winning author and inspirational blogger

She also offers consulting and online classes to concierge entrepreneurs. Katharine’s warm, friendly and approachable style inspires people to be their very best!

For press and media related inquires, please contact Mrs. Giovanni. Click here to visit our media room. For detailed information, please visit www.KatharineGiovanni.com

Ron Giovanni

Founder & Chief Visionary Officer

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Ron, one of the founders of the ICLMNet and Triangle International, has been in the operations, customer service and sales fields for more than thirty years.

He has been Triangle International’s CEO since its inception in 1998. Ron has set up several successful businesses which includes Triangle International, Triangle Concierge and NewRoad Publishing. He is responsible for both ICLMNet and Triangle’s operations. Ron is also the founder of NewRoad Publishing, which has published four books as well as developed software and other downloadable products for the Concierge Industry.

He also has a background in Real Estate both as a licensed Broker and in sales as a Home-builder Representative.

Ron’s goal is to help others become the best in what they do. He believes that service is above all else when it comes to your clients.

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